Symbo Insurance

Symbo’s revamp Journey

The Journey so far …

Symbo was heavy on the broker model with expertise in automating & easing the distribution gaps in health, life & motor insurances. Over time, we realized that Insurance as a product need not be pushed and sold, but instead, it can be discovered at customer’s life stages.
Insurance at the right place & at the right time was the key & we went all-in to explore more! Our innovation journey was soon backed by the experiments performed in embedding our tech & insurance expertise with the e-commerce industry.
Symbo’s focus areas had a tectonic shift from being a broking model to becoming India’s leading embedded Insurtech platform to enable any business to offer customized insurance and protection plans to their customers right at the point of purchase.
Symbo is a technology company that delivers cutting edge, innovative and hyper-personalized insurance protection plans across industries and sectors.
The entire space of embedded insurance is emerging and Symbo has differentiated itself with its keen focus on delivering the relevant & intuitive insurance products in this space.
From the outset, our team’s vitality, enthusiasm and dedication has been highly inspiring. We are confident that our foundation of innovation, technical expertise and product excellence combined with domain specialization will help us stand out from the crowd.

What we learnt from the trying times the world faced in last the few years

We always believed that technology could be the answer to many of the world’s problems. In a world that is becoming more and more uncertain with deadly pandemics like COVID-19 and the ongoing Russia vs Ukraine war, risk management has gained a lot of importance. The risk of loss is mitigated with Insurance – the question was how can it be scaled with the known & unknown distribution challenges.
Over the years our objective was to move insurance up the consumer value chain and embed it at the point of sale. Our advanced technology stack integrates data, AI, and machine learning that adds value to the end consumer and enhances after-sales capabilities

How we are disrupting 100+ old legacy processes

Insurance is an income-sapping necessity. It’s a necessary evil. We know this, and we accept it; Insurers with 100+-year-old legacy processes have failed to keep up with the times. But don’t worry, Symbo will change the whole scenario with our thought-leading reinsurance platform.
We’re using future-ready tech solutions to provide innovative new solutions for today’s consumers.
We’ve built future-ready insurtech modules & cutting edge, innovative and hyper-personalized insurance protection plans . All our work is focused on delivering end-to-end solutions for our clients and their customers worldwide, who are eager to see businesses like ours shake things up in the insurance space!
We simplify interactions between individuals and businesses through technology, introduce more transparency in the protection & benefits your customers really need. Insurance should be a seamless experience that is easy-to-understand and easy to use – not a maze of confusing paperwork.
We’re a step ahead in customer profiling, where Insurance is personalized with the help of data analytics that provides insights on coverage risks and trends for companies to customize risks based on their customer behaviors.
Right from physical assets to lives, we have over 10+ ready to go live products within our portfolio that brands can offer to their customers.

Our Footprint

Symbo has issued more than 4 million customers till date.
Our Insurance expertise ensure carefully designed, relevant & intuitive Insurance that covers industries like
  • E-Commerce/Retail
  • Travel
  • Logistics
  • EdTech
  • FinTech & more
Presently, Symbo is partnered with Lenskart, Decathlon, and RedTape and insurers like Reliance General Insurance, Religare, HDFC Ergo, Tata AIG, Religare, Bajaj Allianz, among many others.
The future of Insurance is digital, and insurers of all sizes need to transform fast. Symbo’s platform gives you the power to make the shift quick, agile, and seamless. We do that by working closely with retail, e-commerce, and digital companies to bundle relevant and intuitive insurance products in their customer’s purchase journey.
Constantly changing market dynamics has given rise to a radical shift within the insurance industry. Innovations are making subtle changes to how younger generations think about Insurance as an immediate need. Insurtech is well poised to satisfy even the most unique coverage needs, removing traditional challenges from the mix.
With the growing popularity of digital channels, customers prefer self-service portals for quick access and instant solutions for their ever-changing financial and protection needs.
Our footprint is growing day by day. Until now
  • We served more than 5 million customer
  • Sold more than 20 million policies 
  • We are partnered with more than 50+ Insurers, and,
  • Worked with 20+ brands
around the world with our quick solutions.


Derisk the world.


Become the world’s largest platform to distribute insurance in a way that is relevant and intuitive to the user.

Our Logo

Our logo represents shield cover as an insurance entity. The shield stands for the 15+ years of insurance expertise.
“S” stands for the fact that you’re “Safe” with “Symbo” as we provide end to end solutions – you don’t have to have any knowledge of how to sell Insurance.
The two tech symbols embrace the shield the same way we treat Insurance. We’ve embraced tech & consider it a primary requirement in Insurance – that’s what differentiates us.
To sum it up, we aim to solve the most-pressing insurance challenges with technology.

Symbo : way forward

India is the second-largest insurtech (insurance technology) market in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 35% of the $3.66 billion of venture capital coming into the sector, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence data.
Covid has shown that customers can make even high value and complex sales online. At the point of need, risk and thus Insurance is top of mind. We, as a platform, allow brands and businesses to embed insurance products into their existing customer journey with our omnichannel integration capabilities. .
At Symbo, we’ve built a context-based, need-focused embedded Insurtech Platform, powering Insurance distribution at the end point of a purchase. To get more insights on insurtech & our solutions schedule a demo with us.
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