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Symbo’s Logistics Insurance

Trukky, a leading freight transport aggregator, introduced Symbo's Marine & Logistics insurance to protect the goods while in transit. Achieved an attachment rate of 12% within a month post launch.

About Trukky:

Trukky is an aggregator for logistics that has revolutionized the goods transport industry with its use of technology. Their partnerships with leading carriers across the country along with a live pricing model helps bring the cost of freight transportation down for customers. The process to book shipping is simple and with the use of cutting-edge technology the margin for middlemen is eliminated. Trukky has a network of over 10,000 trucks plus it offers 24/7 support to manage queries and to ensure that shipments arrive on time.


Symbo’s Logistics Insurance offers protection for goods in transit catered specially to Turkky’s clientele. Logistics Insurance makes for a very relevant add-on when it comes to Shipping solution, which is why the product has added value to Trukky’s current portfolio and has increased customer attachment.

The Challenge:

While Trukky ensures that the goods are safe and reach on time, road
transport does have many risks. Changing weather conditions, natural
calamities, thefts and accidents can happen due to which goods may be
damaged. Trukky was looking to provide coverage for these situations
in way that is tightly coupled with their product.

Symbo Solution & Impact:

Symbo’s Logistics insurance has been embedded in Trukky’s purchase flow making the insurance purchase seamless for customers. Customers can now secure their fright worth lakhs for a premium of as low as 0.05% of the shipping value Another factor that added to customer delight was the claims process. Symbo could reimburse a claim in a matter of days using its robust technology platform. Logistics insurance provides coverage for all risks and perils during freight transport, ensuring comprehensive cover for customers

What they say about us:

With a long standing partnership for marine transit insurance, Symbo has helped our clients sustain & cover the financial risk associated with logistics with their automated Insurtech expertise
Subhasish Das
Co-founder - Trukky

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