Fitness Insurance

Symbo’s Comprehensive Fitness  Insurance program covers all kinds of sports-related injuries at the click of a button

Trusted by best insurers in the world

    Fitness Insurance

    An Fitness Insurance plan designed keeping your customers in mind. It’s simple and covers everything that really matters.

    Powerful Platform for a great customer experience

    Fast Integration

    Our readymade plugins can easily integrate with your POS systems and online stores to embed the insurance products seamlessly in the user's buying journey.

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    Tailored Protection Plans

    We work closely with you to customize plans that matter to you and your customers.

    Instant Claims Handling

    Our automated claim settlement engine can process claims in as little as 24 hours and issue store credits to bring customers back to your stores.

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    Full Visibility

    Our powerful dashboard gives you real-time insights into the policies issued, claims status, and customer satisfaction.

    Playo builds curated turfs and playgrounds that anyone from any walk of life can access for sports, fitness and recreation

    5 %
    Overall attachment rate
    Policies sold till date
    Weeks implementation period
    1 %
    Increase in AOV
    Brands and their Customers ❤️ us

    A completely novel  concept of selling Footwear insurance was pitched to us by Symbo’s team & we had to try it as  no shoe company in the market was giving an insurance cover for their  products.The insurance product was an instant hit with our customers and helped us  achieve a substantial customer base with repeat walk ins.

    10 %
    Overall attachment rate
    1 %
    Incremental Revenue
    1 %
    Increase in AOV

    Powerful insurtech to turbocharge your business

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    Seamless buying journey

    Automated Claims

    Track your shipping

    Partner Dashboard

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    Seamless buying journey

    Automated Claims

    Partner Dashboard

    Drive more revenue & increase customer loyalty by Embedding our Insurance at the Point of Sale

    You are in good hands

    Our partners include the best insurers in the world

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