You Move the Goods. We take care of the risks

Moving goods is risky. Symbo takes care of the risks while you focus on delivering the goods reliably and profitably.

Our wide range of coverages powered by a robust technology platform can protect your goods throughout the transit across land, rail, air, and sea.
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Digital and Seamless
Our tech-enabled policy issuance can protect your cargo within minutes. Instant quotes and coverages. Integrated with your booking engines.
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Managing the Risk
Moving goods from Point A to Point B is a tough task and comes with a lot of risks. Symbo gives you and your customers complete peace of mind.
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Increase Revenue
Insurance can be a great revenue generator that complements your overall offering.

Relevant for a wide range of businesses in the Logistics Industry

Why Logistics Companies Love Symbo

Fast Integration

Our readymade plugins can easily integrate with your POS systems and online stores to embed the insurance products seamlessly in the user's buying journey.

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Tailored Protection Plans

We work closely with you to customize plans that matter to you and your customers.

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Instant Claims Handling

Our automated claim settlement engine can process claims in as little as 24 hours.

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Full Visibility

Our powerful dashboard gives you real-time insights into the policies issued, claims status, and customer satisfaction.

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Wide Range of Coverages

Drive more revenue & increase customer loyalty by Embedding our Insurance at the Point of Sale

You are in good hands

Our partners include the best insurers in the world

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