Your customer's plans can change. Be there for them

Symbo’s Travel insurance safeguards your trip & provides coverage against financial losses that might occur due to any unpredictable situation giving your customer peace of mind against these uncertainties. Delays, cancellations, health issues – our comprehensive travel insurance plans cover it all.
Deliver complete peace of mind to your customers every time they book with you.
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Happy Customers
Customers love it when you can offer peace of mind when they make their bookings. Symbo helps you do that.
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Beat your Competition
Customers are more likely to choose brands that offer comprehensive coverages along with their bookings.
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Increase Revenue
Insurance can be a great revenue generator and also increase your average order value.

Relevant products for a wide range of Travel companies

Why Travel Companies Love Symbo

Fast Integration

Integrate our ready-made plugins at the POS system to embed the insurance products for a very smooth user buying journey.

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Tailored Protection Plans

Our team of experts is always happy to listen and share ideas on partnering and delivering a perfect plan for your needs.

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Instant Claims Handling

Automated techniques resolve the claims process within 24 hours. Customers will be happy to visit your store with this feature.

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Full Visibility

We offer a dedicated Partner dashboard with visibility into claims & policies. You can always expect full transparency and a high level of customer service at all times.

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Wide Range of Coverages

Drive more revenue & increase customer loyalty by Embedding our Insurance at the Point of Sale

You are in good hands

Our partners include the best insurers in the world

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